West India


Regional Overview

Hot arid deserts to lush ocean surf, old king palaces to new Bollywood stars, West India is amazingly diverse. And so are their eats. Gujarat is home to mostly vegetarian delights. Rajasthan touts many spicy delicacies. Maharashtra is known for lip-smacking street foods. And Goa brings a Portuguese twist to your plate. Making the West a never boring journey for your taste buds.

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Un-barren Desert

Just beyond the colorful palaces and ancient forts of Rajasthan are endless miles of desert sands. From these unduly dry conditions its people have created uniquely mouthwatering cuisine. Like the millet-grain goodness of Dal Baati Churma, the wild-berry kick of Ker Sangri, or the red-chilli spiced meat of Laal Maas.

Plain Naan

Our all natural Indian bread is hand-stretched and baked in a traditional Tandoor clay oven. Made with no artificial colors or preservatives, our authentic naan is the perfect compliment to any Indian entrée.

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For this authentic Indian recipe, we marinate tender lamb then simmer in a rich, spicy sauce; served with turmeric-infused basmati rice.

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Tikka Masala

For this authentic Indian recipe, we slow roast marinated boneless chicken breast then simmer in a robust, creamy sauce.

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Tasty Melting Pot

From wealthy bankers to mega movie stars, Mumbai attracts millions from all across India to chase their dreams. And with them comes a delicious melting pot of food styles. There's local favorites like Vegetable Pulao. Crispy Coconut Fish-Fry from the coast. Parsi breakfast treats like Akuri eggs. Or famous Butter Chicken from the north.