East India


Regional Overview

Revered for its holy Ganges River, sacred literature, majestic Bengal tigers, and shared Asian influence, East India holds a divine spirit. Same goes for its cuisine. Sublime delights like steamed mustard fish, silky prawn curries, seasonal vegetable stews, and delicate desserts can all take your senses to a higher level.

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Sweet Streets

Often called the city of joy because of its fun and festive nature, Kolkata also gives much joy to your sweet tooth. With an abundance of fresh dairy, many local dessert shops turn milk products into divine confections. Sweet cheesy Sandesh, syrupy Rasgullas, and creamy Kheer are among the favorites.

Aloo Potol Posto

Bengalis love poppy seeds. They really do and why won't they, it makes food so much tastier! This preparation above is also made of poppy or Posto as the Bengalis like to call it. It is a preparation of Posto with potatoes and pointed gourd, complete with red and green chillies and sometimes coconut puree to add some much-needed spice to it. It truly is one of the classic Bengali dishes and famous food of West Bengal.

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Who said Bengalis are all for fish and nothing else? Well, Bengalis do know how to do their vegetables too. And Shukto is just an example. Usually served as the first course of a diet, Shukto is a combination of different vegetables like Brinjals, Bitter Gourd, Crunchy Drumsticks and Bori (a Bengali speciality again). Mixed with grounded spices and milk to make a thick curry, this is a perfect way to start a meal.

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Calming Hillsides

The cool, green, misty hill station of Darjeeling is the tranquil home of many East Indian city dwellers. It's also home to the rich delicate tea fields that produce the world's finest teas - Darjeeling Tea. One sip of its steamy goodness and you'll feel the tensions of your own world fade away.