Vichi Agro Products Pvt. Ltd. embarked its journey on 13th Nov 2006.Since then there has been no looking back & everyday has been a new opportunity to grow. To provide our customers luxury of absolutely cleaned product, which can be directly used for cooking maker us happy. And so we developed our brand "PICK N COOK".

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Mr. Rajendra Shah – Chairman

A Chartered Account by profession, has been heading the company since its inception in 2006. After brief experience in supply sale chain, he first started trading in sugar and is still famously remembered as "Sugar King" in APMC market. He went ahead and fulfilled his dream of starting rice and wheat plant in Maharashtra and Gujarat. He has immense knowledge of quality of food grains and is particular to deliver food products of consistently excellent quality to all its customers. Its his this mantra for the company's success and a driving force behind our growth.

Mr. Viraj Shah – Managing Director (MD) and Business Development Head

Mr. Viraj Shah joined the company immediately after completing his education (B tech in computers)in 2014 to follow his father's footsteps. He is young entrepreneur with zeal and is determined to find new markets and expand globally. He has significant knowledge of marketing of rice, wheat and pulses both in domestic and international markets. It is his dream to provide customers everything under one common roof. After launching PNC Chakki Aatta, he added another feather to the company by starting Dal plant in Gujarat.

Mr. Vimal Zalawadiya – Director and finance head ( Gujarat )

A Pharmacist, by graduation Mr. Zalawadiya did a management degree (PGDM) from IGS Pune. After working with HDFC Bank, as a RM in agricultural loan department, he joined VAPPL as finance head for the company. He also looks after the day to day chores of the Gujarat unit of the company. Being a local from Gujarat and from a farmer’s family he also posses good knowledge about crops and timely buying of same. He is also responsible to maintain the local relationship with farmers.

Mr. Prateek Sinha – Operations and Logistics Head

A young and talented, techno graduate left his lucrative job with LIC HFL and opted to handle the operations at VAPPL. He is dedicated to his work and leaves no stone unturned to give maximum service to the customers. With his efforts, VAPPL is able to deliver all the orders within 48 hours. Along with this he also manages the entire ground team to get optimum output from the workers and maintains the logistic channel for inter state supplies.

Mrs. Riddhi Shah – Administrative Head and Modern Retail Sale Development Head

Having business flowing in her blood, she joined the company after leaving her career as a successful dentist. She recognizes the immense scope in the growing company and takes care of the day to day chores and the HR department. Her new ideas for staff welfare has motivated the entire team to put the extra mile and drive the company ahead. She is one of the brightest rays of light for the company and would play a crucial role in company's growth.

Mr. Jitendra Bhrambhat – Sales Management Head

A champion salesman and a very well known figure in the Indian Basmati industry, Mr. Jitendra Bhrambhat joined VAPPL and immediately took up the task to establish Pick N Cook brand and make it a very reputed name in western India. His well developed distributor network and relation with customers has helped VAPPL to launch various products with ease.

Mr. Ravindra Gupta – Accounts Head

Having an experience of about 20 years as an accountant in various companies in India as well as oversees, Mr. Gupta handles the accounts department with ease under guidance of chairman Mr. Rajendra Shah. Timely record updation and flawless documentation are his motto which he achieves at VAPPL.

To consolidate the backhand processes for organized retail and make a supply chain management company with state-of-art facilities in agro commodities. Steps:

  • Intelligent procurement
  • Latest techniques of processing
  • Dependable storage & Logistics
  • Efficient management of the above processes

The promoters and their family are in the field of commodities for over four decades now. Currently the fourth generation is working in the company. Starting with a retail store in Andheri they started their journey. Since that time they have been supplying to various government & semi-government bodies. The company Vichi Agro Products Pvt Ltd was set up on 13th November, 2006 with the idea to increase the reach and organize the trade in commodities. Since then there has been no looking back and every day has been a new opportunity to grow and corresponding has come a challenge to face. Since then the goal to create a supply chain management company with complete backhand integration to cater the demands of all the customers is being chased. This will also help us being the preferred suppliers for major companies in organized retail. We have already catered customers like:

  • Bharti Wallmart
  • Reliance Fresh
  • Sahakari Bhandar
  • Apna Bazaar
  • D-Mart
  • Shop Rite
  • Sangam Direct
  • Spencer
  • Hyper City

From managing such clients we have learned many things and evolved as a company. The experience has helped the team mature in terms of handling critical situations.

We are in commodity trade since last fifty years. In 1947, immediately after independence our great grandfather, MR.PREMJI KARUBHAI started the commodity trading business under the trade name of M/S Shah Premji Karubhai & Co. from ANDHERI in 3000 SQ.FT.AREA SHOP. Even then the main focus of business remained retail and supply to institutions like industrial canteens, hotels, government & semi government bodies and military organization. The concept of supply chain management was incepted since then with us having our own sales network team and our in-house transport company, distributors and stockiest for selling wide range of basmati rice and other agro commodity. Today the chain is wide spread and is catering to near about 3,000 retail outlets in Mumbai & nearly 18 cities of Maharastra, Karnataka & Goa.

Vichi Agro Products Private Limited (VAPPL) embarked its journey in 2007 with a vision to consolidate the entire fragmented agro commodity business which includes rice, wheat, pulses, dry fruits and spices. Since then it has been treating every milestone as a stepping stone to go past another. Since its inception the company’s sole objective has been to make the world experience the true Indian flavor. That’s the reason it offers an extensive range of products that caters to a large part of the Indian population. In a short span of time it has risen to the position of an undisputed leader in the industry supplying to almost all vendors in the modern trade. Our products adorn the shelves of reputed the shelves of reputed retails chains like Metro cash n carry, Reliance, Big Bazaar, Spencer, Megasave, More, Apna Bazaar, Spinach and Hypercity. Offering a wide range of products in our brand PICK-N-Cook (PNC), with wide choice in all the price segments, PNC has become a household name. The state-of-the-art facilities and ISO-conforming quality initiatives have resulted in superior quality grain at an excellent value proposition. Strict adherence to the international standards as well as world-class quality initiatives has resulted in superb brand image of the company in the international market. A unique business model, out of the box approach of the management, and the goodwill of the customers have enabled the company to consolidate on its leadership on its leadership position.